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A decade of experience in the bilingual staffing industry providing award-winning national recruitment services.

At Hunter National Recruitment, you can find the right company for your career or a talented professional for your business.

We provide a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs.

We fill your open requisitions for:

•Permanent placements

•Contract roles

•Temporary hires

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect professionals with career opportunities that ignite their drive, potential and passion for our clients who trust us to build their teams with the doers, drivers, builders, and change makers of tomorrow.

Together, we make it happen.


Our vision is to create positive and meaningful impact through successful partnerships. 


Meet Natalie! President and Founder

As a fluently bilingual professional from Montreal, Natalie Amesse has made the GTA her home for over 15 years.

Prior to becoming an award-winning executive recruiter, Natalie had a successful career in Consumer Packaged Goods, Food/Dairy, Distribution and Manufacturing. Her business experience and recruitment expertise provides Hunter National Recruitment with a unique perspective and competitive edge.

Talented and Experienced

With 10 years recruitment expertise, Natalie can pivot quickly and render results. Her intuition, people skills, relationship building ability, and her talent for strategic sourcing has contributed to organizational success in industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Supply Chain. Most recently in the past 5 years, Natalie has made her mark in the Automotive Industry. 

Building collaborative partnerships

Natalie is highly intuitive, empathetic, engaging, transparent, trustworthy, resourceful, and her work ethic is only surpassed by her persistence to achieve. She works diligently for her clients, both candidates and employers. Working with Natalie is easy, seamless and fun!


  • Alignment & Authenticity: In our pursuit to find you the best fit while remaining true to your values and fulfilling ours.

  • Collaboration: We listen, care and function as an extension of your team. Working with you in tandem.

  • Commitment & Passion: We give 100%, all of the time because we love what we do.

  • Doing What’s Right: Being transparent in our communication and accountable for our results.

  • Excellence & Enthusiasm: We deliver uncompromising quality and positive energy in everything that we do.

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"Xtiva entrusted Hunter National Recruitment (HNR) with several important and difficult searches to augment our Software Engineering team. HNR delivered - quickly and effectively. There are three aspects of working with HNR that have stood out:
1) they succeeded in creating liquidity in an extremely tight market - that goes to the trust they are able to engender with candidates;
2) they are able to effectively identify and target candidates who met the - scarce - skills hurdles we established, and;
3) 90% of the candidates HNR presented had an excellent attitude and a solid cultural fit with Xtiva. It can't be understated how important fit is to quickly building high performance teams. Strongly recommend Natalie and HNR."

Jeff Marsden - CPO

"It was vital that we found the candidate that fit with our organization and Natalie was able to deliver a professional with the skill set and mindset that worked for our team. Her personal approach in finding out about the culture of our company went above and beyond other agencies I have used in the past. She was thorough in her process, honest in her feedback and her intuition in assessing our corporate culture was spot on. Natalie was able to deliver high quality candidates in a short time frame which resulted in a wonderful hire."

Lori – Business Manager, Toronto, Ontario

“I have worked with Natalie both in a professional capacity as an employer requiring her services and personally as a candidate on the market. What sets Natalie apart is her unique approach in equally supporting both candidates and clients, ensuring she understands values and fit of both sides and aligning the two together for a long lasting, successful outcome. Natalie values the quality of relationships and builds stronger teams and companies when working with people. Natalie’s honesty, transparency, and respect for candidates and clients alike have been the reason for her long-lasting partnerships and are part of the reason she has been recognized professionally and awarded recruiter of the year in previous roles. I highly recommend Natalie for both candidates and clients looking for tailored and unique solutions to achieve long lasting successful outcomes.”

Tara-Lee. Customer Service Manager – Mississauga, Ontario

"Natalie connected with me through a professional platform and was very pleasant and engaging. The opportunity she contacted me about was in my scope of talent and the recruitment process was seamless. She ensured I was prepared and set up for success for each interview and followed up afterwards to provide feedback and next steps. Since accepting the role several years ago, we still keep in touch - she is extremely personable and cares about her clients and prospective hires! If you are looking for a fluently bilingual, experienced executive recruiter who excels in her field, Natalie is the right choice for your business!"

Susan – Manager, Service Quality - Customer Engagement – New Brunswick

“Without a doubt, Natalie is definitely a professional I would love to work with again. She is one of the most dedicated and passionate people I have met and who truly understands her candidates’ overall competencies, character, personality and needs. She naturally exhibits effective social awareness skills that allows her to perfectly match the requirements of both her client and candidate. With her years of experience in the industry and expertise in relationship management, I highly recommend Natalie to anyone who is driven to succeed.”

Julie. Credit Analyst – Toronto, Ontario

“Natalie reached out to me directly and got my attention with her positive attitude. She conducts herself with the utmost professionalism and shows a genuine interest in my success. Natalie excels at follow up, respects time frames and keeps her candidates informed. She takes the time to coach, advise and teach from her experience in the field and I can genuinely say that it makes a difference! Working with Natalie takes the stress out of process while making me feel that I was not just a number in her file. It’s an experience I have encountered in the past. She is a great source of knowledge, information, demonstrates compassion and provides what feels like a customized experience for you which generates optimal results!”

Arcady. Retail Fixed Operations – Saskatchewan

“Natalie is professional, helpful, thorough and a pleasure to work with. Working with her is like working with a friend, someone who has your best interests in mind and provides support, coaching, guidance and unbiased feedback. She is genuine and, in my case, she has remained a contact I feel I can reach out to anytime for advice and she is there to answer. I would recommend an experience working with Natalie to anyone. She goes the extra mile when helping her clients find exactly what they are looking for, while helping the candidates along the way, stay prepared and confident.”

Kyra. Financial Services –Saskatchewan